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Foodomapro - Modules for Foodomaa
  • Build customer loyalty by returning a percentage of the order value to the wallet; Cashback
  • Configure minimum and maximum selection of additional items (addons); AddonsPro
  • Ability of the store itself to manage all order status without the need for the delivery application in a Simple and Practical panel. Store Dashboard Pro
  • Maximum distance between the store address and the current location of the Delivery Boy. Delivery Radius for Delivery Guys
  • Card on Delivery, Change for Cash and other Payments on Delivery options. Payment on Delivery PRO
  • A simple and practical way to print orders on your thermal printer. Thermal Printer
Foodomapro - Store Manager Android App
App pack for Foodomaa

Android Store Manager APK
Android Delivery APK​
Android User APK​

Foodomapro - Delivery Guy Android App
Foodomapro - Customer Android App
Remove and Refactor unnecessary files from the foodomaa script.

This is a service that will run directly in your application's code. In other words, this is not a module or file that you will download and install. Our developers will work directly in your application code to maintain all the customizations and business rules you have added to your application. This service will run for any version and not just version 3.5. After running the service, your application will not use any hidden or encrypted files.
To run the service you need to send us a complete backup of your system, including exporting your database in .sql format.